Little Sister's

In the heart of Davie Village, Little Sister’s is the bookstore we have to thank for the freedom of censor-free queer reads. Read more about Little Sisters Book and Art Emporium v Canada (2000). Stop by their store for great books and community.


1238 Davie St, Vancouver, BC
V6E 1N3
Open : 10am – 10pm (varies)

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(604) 669-1753

Glad Day

Recently relocated to Church Street, Glad Day is a staple in Canada’s queer lit identity. R v Glad Day Bookshops Inc, (2004) also resulted in the ability for queer bookstores to stock their shelves as they see fit, free from government censorship.


499 Church St, Toronto, ON
M4Y 2C6
Open : 11am – 7pm (varies)

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Out on the Shelves

Out On The Shelves is a special, non-profit library built and cared for by volunteers, librarians and librrians-in-training who are committed to anti-oppressive social justice work. Although they are located on UBC’s West Point Grey campus, they are not officially affiliated with UBC or its libraries.


Room 2112, AMS Student Nest
6133 University Blvd, UBC Campus
Musqueam Territory, Vancouver, BC
Open : 9am – 7pm (varies)

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More Coming Soon

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